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1999 Mercedes ML430 - Auto Engine Oil Additive

First half of trip 15.1-15.4 MPG measured by onboard electronic

calculator.  After installation of Auto Engine Oil Additive vehicle and the speed control was in the off position, the vehicle acceleration from 65 MPH to 80 MPH was instantaneous.  MPG climbed from an average of 16.5 to 16.7.  Engine noise was seemingly significantly less.  Vehicle ran smoother than it had been prior to the addition of the Auto Engine Oil Additive.

Vehicle was parked outside in Wisconsin winter temperatures of 17 degrees.  After two days of sitting the vehicle was started and turned over as if it were a midsummer day.

  1. 150,000 plus vehicle miles

  2. 279 HP engine

  3. Fuel - Mobil premium gas, nano diamond, engine oil additive
  1. 12 MPG city, 15 MPG highway

  2. 500 mile trip averaging 65 MPH

  3. Wisconsin resident, nano diamond, engine oil additive

2012 Ford Focus - Auto Engine Oil Additive

  1. 10,000 miles on vehicle

  2. Fuel - Shell

  3. 2,100 mile trip

  4. Wisconsin to Eastern PA and back

Trip to eastern Pennsylvania averaged 41.3 MPG measured by

onboard electronic calculator.  Vehicle is designed to shift to

highest gear within first 20 yards of movement.  Shifting effect felt like the engine was misfiring on take off.  At the halfway point of trip, Auto Engine Oil Additive was added to the vehicle.  Oil was allowed to circulate for 3 minutes before taking off.  The shifting effect was not noticeable anymore.  Average MPG on the return trip was 50.8 MPG., nano diamond, engine oil additive, nano diamond, engine oil additive

Rental Truck Towing Jeep Cherokee - Truck Engine Oil Additive, nano diamond, engine oil additive
  1. 77,534 miles on vehicle

  2. Fuel - Shell

  3. Towed Jeep Cherokee

  1. Rated at 9 MPG

  2. Atlanta to New Jersey - 995 miles

  3. GMC, Automatic transmission

Truck and towed vehicle were fully loaded.  Little headwind and

hilly typography averaged 8.1 MPG maintaining 60-65 MPH. 

Vehicle struggled and continually down shifted to maintain 65 MPH. 

Within 50 miles of adding the Truck Engine Oil Additive engine performance greatly improved.  Single and double downshifting still occurred on almost every steep incline through the mountains and next five (5) tanks of fuel vehicle averaged 8.4 MPG.  After clearing the mountains, mileage increased to 11.2 MPG.  Vehicle performance improved, downshifting to maintain speed rarely occurred, engine ran quieter and there was very little effort needed to maintain 65 MPH.  Speeds in excess of 75 MPH were attained without having to bury the pedal to the floor which was not attainable prior to installing the nano diamonds., nano diamond, engine oil additive

Kohler Model 50 2001 Generator Unit - Auto Engine Oil Additive

  1. Diesel Fuel Generator

  2. 12 quart oil reservoir

  3. Fuel Consumption 4.3 Gal/hour, nano diamond, engine oil additive

Generator was started and ran for one (1) hour to determine

4.3 gallon/hour fuel consumption.  Generator was shut down and

NanoTech Lubricants Auto Engine Oil Additive was added to the

oil reservoir.  Generator was restarted and run for another hour.  The fuel

consumption was reduced by 3.1 gallons to 1.2 gallons/hour.  Generator ran quieter and seemed to run with more ease.  At $4/gallon for fuel, this is a $99 savings over an 8 hour period-of-time., nano diamond, engine oil additive

2011 VW Jetta TDI - Auto Engine Oil Additive

I travel a lot for my business in which gas mileage becomes

paramount in my operating budget.  First thing I noticed after pouring the NanoTech Auto Engine Oil Additive into the motor was the reduction/elimination of the valves clattering and general diesel engine noise on start up.  With time the engine noise decreased with the oil in full circulation.  Now, I barely hear the motor on start up and when it's warmed up I have to look at the Tach to know if it's running properly.   Fuel has increased by 5-7 miles per gal.  The difference now is much bigger with the winter arriving and the fuel producers putting winter additives in the diesel fuel.  Before the nano-diamonds I would get mid 30s on gas mileage. After the nano-diamonds, I'm getting low 40s.  In closing, I want to thank the NanoTech people for putting me onto their nano diamond product.   This stuff pays for itself and a whole lot more.  Thanks! Cory (IL) 

  1. Diesel Fuel

  2. 40,000 plus miles, nano diamond, engine oil additive
  1. Less Engine Noise

  2. 5-7 MPG increase, nano diamond, engine oil additive

2010 John Deere 6000 Series Tractor - Auto Engine Oil Additive

After my successes with NanoTech Engine Oil additive in my Jetta

I decided to try it in my 2010 John Deere 6000 series tractor that

we use around the farm.  The two main functions of this tractor is

cutting brush and running augers during harvest. It was amazing

how cool the motor remained when taken out in a field to cut thick brush.   This fall when augering grain into our bins, even with the tractor being stationary the motor stayed extremely cool to the point that I wondered if something was wrong with it.  What really impressed me however about NanoTech product is how it makes the engine run quieter, easier and with more power.  Last winter, starting the tractor was a real nightmare.  It would almost completely drained the battery and it took a long time for the tractor to get to peak operational performance.  This winter with NanoTech product in the engine and temps in the low teens again, the tractor turned right over with no hesitation what so ever!!!  Thanks to the guys over at NanoTech for shining the light on this new technology.  Thanks.  Cory (IL)

  1. Diesel Fuel

  2. Reduced Engine Temperature

  3. More Power, nano diamond, engine oil additive
  1. Less Engine Noise

  2. Easier Starting, nano diamond, engine oil additive

2011 Mercedes E350 - Auto Engine Oil Additive

With the addition of the NanoTech Engine Oil Additive to my

2011 Mercedes E350, the results were almost immediate.  I chose

the six cylinder engine because my philosophy has always been that you pay for the automobile once, but you fill the gas tank every week.  Historically the car hesitated in acceleration between 30 to 33 miles per hour, a fact that I did no care for but felt it was a small price to pay when the acceleration from 35 and up was exhilarating.  I was averaging 18-19 MPG in the city and roughly 26-27 MPG on the highway.  Precisely what the factory vehicle sticker stated.  After adding the engine oil additive, my fuel mileage went up to 21 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway. 

Needless-to-say that at $4 per gallon for premium unleaded, I am delighted!  To add to my excitement, my engine’s hesitation is gone.  I do feel that technology is outstanding and have yet to experience any negative effects.  I am truly sold on the product.

  1. More Power

  2. Increased MPG, nano diamond, engine oil additive

  1. Less Engine Noise

  2. No More Engine Hesitation, nano diamond, engine oil additive

2001 Dodge Pickup - Auto Engine Oil Additive

Gas mileage increased from 14.25 MPG to 17.5 MPG.  Cruise

control now works smoothly without any jerking as the control

kicks in and out.  When accelerating with a large load in the bed

or towing a trailer, the transmission doesn’t immediately downshift for power.  The truck just zooms forward.  I had a problem starting it this winter and hoping it was the battery and not the starter. I stopped at the battery store to get it tested.  After connecting the tester to the battery the store manager said to me; “There isn’t enough juice in this battery to light my pocket pen light.  How did you start it to get it here?”  I then turned the key and even with some hesitation from the battery, it lit right up.  The guy was completely in disbelief and didn’t know how it could possibly be happening.

  1. 220,000 Miles

  2. Increased MPG, nano diamond, engine oil additive
  1. Less Engine Noise

  2. More Towing Power, nano diamond, engine oil additive

2008 Kia Spectra - Auto Engine Oil Additive

MPG increased 18.75%  Engine clicking noise disappeared after five minutes of running the engine oil additive in the car.  The car has more zip from a standing start and better acceleration on the highway.  Excellent product, excellent results!

  1. 47,000 Miles

  2. Increased MPG

  3. Less Engine Noise

  4. More Zip, nano diamond, engine oil additive

I have never been one to use any kind of additives

in gas, oil, etc. until I was introduced to NanoTech

Lubricant’s nano diamond technology.  

I first used it in my work van (2009 Chevrolet

Express V-8).  Watching the mileage in the first

thousand miles I noticed a difference.  It went from 14.7

to 15.3 miles per gallon and on long trips up to 16 miles per gallon. 

This is a ¾ ton fully loaded van that just turned 100,000 miles.  I also noticed no sounds due to lack of oil on start up whether it was cold or hot, just smoother starts. 

1977 Chevrolet Impala Custom Show Car

After that I put it in my 1977 Chevrolet Impala which is my hot rod with a big block Chevy 454 (not original). This car sometimes sits longer than I would like, so I used NanoTech Auto Engine Oil Additive in my Impala for cold starts and when I start it I have no motor noise from lack of lubrication.  It’s quiet as a brand new motor and temperature gauge is now about six degrees cooler than it ever has been. 

2002 Ford Sterling 9500 Series Truck

Second Trip with NanoTech Truck Engine Oil Additive

  1. Romulus, MI to Louisville, KY

  2. 857 total miles

  3. Load to destination 40,114 lbs., return load 3,120 lbs

  4. Strong head winds and rain

  5. Oil temperature normal

  6. Miles per gallon 7.1416

  7. 3 hours idle time: 1 gallon/hour fuel consumption

First Trip with NanoTech Truck Engine Oil Additive

  1. Van Dyke, MI to Louisville, KY

  2. 850 total miles Load to destination 11,250, return load 3,495

  3. No head winds, good driving conditions

  4. Castrol 5W40 motor oil

  5. 10 degrees lower oil temperature

  6. Miles per gallon 7.7692

550 HP- Cat  • 358 Rear Axle Ratio  • 13 Speed Trans

Statistics before being “Nanotized”

  1. 820,081 Miles on truck.

  2. 6.0132 miles per gallon.

  3. 1 gallon of makeup oil needed per 9,000 miles. 

  4. Oil consumption decreased to 3 quarts per 12,000 miles

  5. after “nanotizing” the engine.

Third Trip with NanoTech Truck Engine Oil Additive

  1. Dearbourn, MI to Louisville, KY

  2. 848 total miles

  3. Load to destination 39,650 lbs., return load 6,300 lbs.

  4. Strong head winds with rain and hail

  5. Oil temperature normal

  6. No idle time

  7. New trailer with aero skirting

  8. Miles per gallon 7.8448

Dear Nanotech Lubricants,

We just wanted to write and give a

personal testimony to the effectiveness

of NanoTech oil additive.  We own a 2012

Versatile 500 with a 15 Liter Cummins

QSX15 engine rated at 500 hp.  We

purchased this tractor in March 2012. 

Cory Hall with Hall Specialty Lubricants

came out to see us before planting and

talked to us about this new product. 

We were first skeptical on the idea that

this Nano-stuff was going to work.  We

changed our oil right before we started planting and put the Nano additive in.  

We discovered five things which amazed us about this additive.  First, our fuel consumption dropped from 23.5 gallons per hour to 17.75.  Second, we saw the engine operating temp drop 15-20 degrees. Third, we felt like we had more horsepower.  Four, the engine ran quieter while running in the fields, as well as idling.  Fifth, we didn't discover this until we did "Fall" field work.  We had a hard time starting the tractor in the spring whenever it was below 32 degrees outside, before we had the additive in the engine.  Once the additive was in the engine, we have not had ANY problems starting the engine. Last week, we started the engine outside when the temp got down in the teens and it cranked right over without ANY hesitation. 

Wow....this is pretty cool stuff.    We are planning to put the nano-additive in our new combine when it arrives summer 2013 and also our two new Peterbilt trucks which we are taking delivery in April of 2013.   We would highly recommend this product to anybody.


Ronald and John

Near Schneider, Indiana

2012 Versatile 500 Tractor

Thermo King Reefer Unit


The objective is to determine the amount of fuel savings that can be attained on over the road “reefer” trailers, through the use of NanoTech Lubricants Truck Engine Oil Additive with nano diamond technology.  A baseline test was run on a standard unit and a second test run on the same unit with the addition of NanoTech Lubricants nano diamond technology.


  1. 1.To accurately measure the precise rate of fuel usage, the main fuel tank and line were abandoned and a temporary tank and line attached.  Fuel was precisely weighed out at the beginning and completion of each test.

  2. 2.The rear trailer doors were wide open for the duration of each test to ensure the unit would be working at maximum cooling load.

  3. 3.All testing was performed at and with cooperation and direction of Mayfield Dairy with the help of Turbo Truck Center.


NanoTech Lubricant’s Truck Engine Oil Additive with nano diamond technology reduced friction in the engine and reduced fuel consumption by 16.3%.  Engine ran smoother and quieter during the entire test.


  1. *Fuel weight 7.3 lbs/gal

  2. ** Fuels cost $4.00/gal

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