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Over 8 years of research and development have created the next generation of “Innovations for Lubricants”.  Our patented nano diamond technology completely revolutionizes lubricant performance.

Through technologically advanced innovative systems, NanoTech Lubricants is able to infuse billions of 4-to-6 nanometer sized diamonds into oils.  Nano diamond material at this size functions like ball bearings by transforming the sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, thereby substantially reducing friction, heat, wear and early oil failure.

Even though diamonds are considered one of the hardest substances known to man, at nanometer size they actually polish and keep debris from attaching to the metal.  Each nano diamond is encapsulated in oil and while residing in the pores of the metal, they help seal out moisture and debris that would otherwise attack metal surfaces. Unlike Molybdenum, Graphite, or other additives being used today, NanoTech nano diamonds will not break down or flatten out during use.  That is why using NanoTech nano diamond products will help protect the metal surfaces of your engines, equipment and other machinery.

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