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In 1962 Russian scientists began working with nano diamonds to help their tanks last longer. Using outdated military explosives, scientists began the “explosion based production” method in order to manufacture nano diamonds.  Rapid explosions of TNT and RDX with carbon in a controlled confined area produced nano diamonds in varying sizes from 4-to-10 nanometers.

Many conditions can affect diamond yield.  For instance, the higher the cooling capacity after detonation, the higher the diamond yield.  After the cooling process, diamond is extracted from the soot using high-pressure and temperature chemical processes.  During these processes, metal contamination originating from the detonation chamber as well as non-diamond carbon, are removed in order to obtain a higher nano diamond yield.

In later years it was discovered that nano diamond materials could be the perfect solution as a lubricant for space travel, because they are not affected by high heat, sub-zero temperatures or atmospheric changes.

Civilian use of nano diamonds began to increase after the Cold War with production of high-end grades reaching 8 tons in 2008.  The main applications for nano diamonds today include polishing applications, galvanic applications, medical delivery of medications to cancer patients and lubricants.

The exciting news is that NanoTech Lubricants is now bringing this revolutionary technology to market with a wide array of lubricants, additives and other products containing nano diamonds., nano diamond, engine oil additive, nano diamond, engine oil additive

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